Honey Trapped!

Can’t remember every cranny, every nook.
Can’t recall the twists and turns that I took.
How I stumbled, how I faltered,
as I moseyed, as I sauntered.
How I swallowed sinker, line and baited hook.

Caught and stuck but never fear,
Is there no way outta here?

Honey trapped!

Freein’ fantasies you’ve suppressed all your life,
from the darkest, deepest recess of your mind.
At your mercy, tied and bound,
guess you like me hangin’ ’round,
sieze the moment, to their own cause men are blind.

Caught and tied but never fear,
Gotta be a way outta here!


Caught and shackled never fear,
Do I want a way outta here?


©24.9.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

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