How True

Way back then, when I tied the knot,
I didn’t know it was a hangman’s noose.
After flirt ‘n’ aisle, years of tired smiles,
what’s good for the gander’s good for the goose.
Old hat, doormat, our endless tit-for-tat,
God knows we’re not the first or last.
Beyond the breakin’ edge, the thin end of the wedge,
in my future I won’t forget the past.

We’re ploughin’ thru troubled times,
one turned to the bottle,
one turned to rhyme.
I am asking you:

How true?

The kids, house and car, how did we get this far?
How did we let it slip ‘n’ slide?
Like an age old curse, slowly at first,
all of a sudden before our eyes.



Now the paper’s signed, no more legal bind,
no rings, no ties, no cares.
No husband, no wife, leadin’ a separate life,
ridin’ out the tide of our affairs.

We ploughed thru troubled times,
one thousand bottles,
one thousand rhymes.
I am asking you:


©23.10.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

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