(I Am) Never There

A freeman, ain’t got no home, it’s where I lay my hat.
Treat me nice, love me good, to keep me comin’ back.
Give me space, let me breathe, I’ll-be there another day.
Lock me up, cage me in, I’ll break out, break away.

She asks around, at lost and found, but I am never there.
She searches ’round, up an’ down, but I am never there.

Dunroamin’, settle down, that’s not a plan for me.
Ev’ry night, dusk till light, hardcore cat-a-wailin’.
Like a Tomcat, I need space, don’t pussyfoot around.
If you know what’s good for you, lock up an’ leave this town.


It ain’t love, but I’ll turn up, just like a bad penny.
Stick around and don’t forget I’m lookin’ out for me.

She places ads, in dirty mags/porno rags but I am never there.
Working too hard, to cut the card, ‘cos I am never there.

©27.7.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

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