I Like Chicks

Loosely based on STEEL PANTHER I Like Drugs

I like chicks.
I like chicks.
I like (chicks).

I like chicks with long, long legs.
That play with my nuts/balls while they’re givin’ good head.
I like chicks with nice big tits,
who shake ’em in my face, then wrap ’em ’round my dick.
I like chicks who can do the splits,
bend over backwards while flicking their clit.
I like chicks with a shaved pussy,
who like their asses spanked while they’re riding me.


I like chicks who like sixty-nine,
a three- or a foursome with some mates o’ mine.
I like chicks who come alive in bed.
‘n’ don’t lie there like they’re deader than dead.
I like chicks who like girls and men,
fucking machines and BDSM.
I like chicks and chicks like me,
‘cos I’m all man – with loads o’ money!


I don’t like men, ‘cos I like chicks.
As a rule they’re not packing eight inch dicks.
I like chicks ‘cos they’re not like guys.
Except for shemales, who’re playing both sides.
I like chicks ‘cos I’m not queer:
If you want to lose your cherry (girl) then come over here.
I like chicks ‘cos I’m not gay.
If you’re female and you’re horny then let’s party!


©6.3.2015 Andrew Robert Chapman

Who know what they’re doing when they play with her clit.
I like chicks who’ve a sister or two.
When one’s on the rag another’s ready to screw.
I like chicks who like a good time.
Take it in the ass and a bit of 69.
A pretty little face that can give good head.
But both take it in the ass
When you stick it in their ass they sometimes act surprised.
I’ll buy the bitch for an extortionate fee.

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