Her two eyes undress you, lips asphyxiate,
knockin’ me out punchin’ below her troy weight.
She’s got a hand in my pocket, hand on my heart,
put the finger on me an’ watch it fall apart.

I thought I knew which way the cards are stacked,
I gotta go all in when she’s flat on her back.
This won’t be:


Leavin’ me speechless, tongue-tied up in knots,
my mind rush ‘n’ racin’, connecting the dots.
Fear of (being) too serious, leadin’ a merry dance.
A fork to wrack an’ ruin or pomp ‘n’ circumstance.

I just don’t know how the dice will roll,
I’m up to my neck, I’m deep in the hole.
This won’t be:


A one eyed monster misleading the blind,
her mouth full of North but she don’t mind.
Gonna have some fun with a capital V,
workin’ hard on winnin’ her first/next Grand Prix.



©16.10.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

x x x, sex on legs, to annihilate.
I know which way the cards are stacked,
I gotta fold when she’s flat on her back.
her mouth full of North, what am I like?

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