What was she fuckin’ thinkin’?
She’s gone completely mad!
Our fat leader’s rediscovered God,
and His name is Islam.
The naive can’t see the danger,
welcome death with teddy bears.
Soon be tearin’ out their throats,
scoffin’ at their meek Lord’s prayers.

Our great and glorious leader, with her five hour master plan.
Stutterin’ and mumblin’ flushed the country down the pan.

Back-stabbing Judas.

She’s a traitor, she’s a Quisling.
Madder than a mad March hare.
Tweedle Dumb bought for thirty pieces,
Soros silver stealth warfare.
The “woke” heads so far up their asses
cheerin’ on “diversity”.
Strippin’ their shallow lives of freedom,
with imported adversity.

Our great and glorious leader, stupid ugly dyke.
Without a shot being fired surrendered land and Reich.


Championed by rainbow warriors.
Crazy does as crazy see.
‘cos when the tide turns, when cities burn,
they’ll be the first to die and bleed.



©23.2.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

laughin’ at their meek Lord’s prayers.
Bridge over the river Quai
Soros silver bribe nightmare.

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