Just Dance

I aint no wimp, but I aint no hunk.
I’m never (hic) sober, never quite drunk.
Dressed to the nines, gonna have a ball.
Prowlin’ the skirt, on the dance floor.

What’s her problem? Why that stance?
I’m overdue some light romance!
She won’t give me half a chance,
all she wants: is to:

(Dance, dance, dance) is to
(Dance, dance, dance) she wants to
(Dance, dance, dance) just dance.

I love to talk, to wine and dine.
You need a gent(leman)? Where do I sign?
(but) every so often, ev’ry now and then,
I need a woman, ‘cos ahm only a man!



©1.2.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

I need a woman, time an’ again. So

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