I’ve stared at death straight in the eyes.
Death escorts me, each day and night.
I’ve studied death, her silent creep.
Death is always near when I sleep.

I live with death, she follows me.
Death has a name. Death is:


I know death – she’s black as coal
death looks at me, inside my soul.
I’ve held death close to my breast.
I’ve smelt death’s unholy breath.



I’ve watched death walk, run and jump,
observed her when she stalks and hunts.



I’ve gazed at death, her grace and charm,
felt her warmth and beating heart.
I feed death to sate her hunger,
stroke her softly in her slumber.
I’ve been licked and even bitten,
for Kali is death, my little kitten.

©11.4.2016 Andrew Robert Chapman

felt her hide and sensed her calm.
seen her fear and sensed her calm.
felt her pass and sensed her calm.

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