Loosely based on “You Shook Me All Night Long”

Six to six I’m up to my old tricks.
Downin’ shorts and longs like there was, something wrong/no tomorrow
Poppin’ pills a la carte, keepin’ me high ‘n’ hard,
I was up on my feet and down a red-light street.
She walked-the high-heeled (cat)walk ‘n’ talked-sweet-fast pillow-talk.
She didn’t mess about, flashin’ her big-blues ’round.
That sexy Monroe face! Could I take the pace?
This ain’t no truth or dare, she’s-stop and drop-jaw stare.


Her skin so young ‘n’ soft, she smelt like candyfloss,
a sweet accent said she’d gotta pay the rent.
In for a pretty-penny, in for a foolish-pound,
easy money makes her world go ’round.
I payed my dues ‘n’ way, straight to the tightest A.
I was flat on my back, and she was maniac.
We were gettin’ it on, like HD hard porn stars,
goin’ down (on) the stairs, she didn’t mind or care!


©16.3.2016 Andrew Robert Chapman

With the world lookin’ on we were gettin’ it on/HD porn

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