Land Of The Free

Singing daily for their leaders,
praising them like a Gods.
Saluting the field hanging on the wall,
it’s lifeless, coloured cloth!
We’ve been here-before – history knows,
a social paradise.
Not hard to see, where it’s going,
for all those who have eyes.

You’re all now – superheroes, no-one’s left behind.
Struggling to be – mediocre, the blind leading the blind. In the

Land of the Free (Home of the slave).

Oppressors loyally defended –
a mass Stockholm syndrome.
Hounded out your would be heroes!
You will reap what you sow!
Livin’-in the darkest shade of “Gray State”,
and-all-its social phobias.
Awed by a non-stop puppet show,
you believe you’re-in Utopia!



Where all free thought is frowned upon,
free speech silenced and gagged.
Where those who pledged to serve and protect,
terrorise in military gangs.
Corporate oligarchs pulling the strings,
that distracted masses can’t see.
A superstate of Sturm und Drang
Welcome to the “Land of the Free”.



Land of the fleeced, home of the slave.

©7.9.2015 Andrew Robert Chapman

terrorise and harangue. blindly

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