We’re not suppo-osed – to be here right now:
breakin’ worthless vows.
Preachin’ moral tenets, maxims and rules,
bendin’/breakin’ their tabus.
Let go of the past – it’s holding you back!
Cut us some slack.
Heartbreak to cloud nine – we’re makin’ headlines:
all over the grapevine.

Some might say that we’re strange bedfellows.
This wasn’t planned, but God’s laugh echoes.


No fool like an old fool, full of the Devil,
bombshell ‘n’ rebel.
In lecherous aw-we, dirty yet sweet,
good enough to eat.
Aid and abettin’ – partners in lovecrime:
gonna do bedtime.
Deep, dark secrets, intimate moments,
beg for atonement.



©13.8.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

busy breakin’ vows.
We didn’t plan this – it’s a corny line
but we are the grapevine.
You’ve got your rules – and moral tenets:
I should know better.
Hanged for a lamb, hanged for a sheep:
I’m in too deep.
at eachother’s feet.
Deep, dark secrets, x x white slave/close shaves,
fortune favours the brave.

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