(Let Loose) The Dragons

Stirring from slumber, jewelled eyes shine.
Almost forgotten, righteous bloodline.
Stronger than legend, harder than steel.
Words lost in time describe the anger they feel.

The earth we walk on – tremors and shakes.
See the heavens darken – as the beasts awake.

Let loose the dragons! Let ’em fly/soar high.
Let loose the dragons! May the unjust die.
Let loose the dragons! Brimstone and fire!
Let loose the dragons!

Driven underground, into the abyss,
lickin’ deep wounds but never vanquished.
Bring on your soldiers, swords and arrows,
truth fights by the side of unsung heroes.



©14.8.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

Driven underground, doomed to languish,
biding their time, never vanquished.
Victors write hist’ry, cowards to heroes,

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