Like Cats And Dogs

Some say opposites attract, you’re givin’ me a heart-attack,
flashin’ your Cheshire smile.
Stealing silent up on your prey, your gonna get me anyway,
won’t let sleepin’ dogs lie.
I can’t change my tough ‘n’ scruff, way I eat or lookin’ rough!
Face it, we are simply poles apart.
Why don’t you take me as I am? A wild, strong, rugged, brutish man.
I’m houndin’ (houndin’) for your heart.

Make me beg, pull my leash,
scratch and bite me with your claws and teeth.

Like cats and dogs.

I’ve-a dog’s life, and you’ve got nine!
amma man’s best friend and you’re feline.
I’ll learn new tricks, pure testosterone/flesh and bone,
you gaze/stare at Kings upon their throne.

Barkin’ mad, nowt’s queer as folk, we’re a funny pair, like a rich man’s joke.
Ain’t no shaggy-dog story,
A mismatched duo is doomed to fail, I ain’t doin’ time in no stinkin’ jail.
goin’ out in a blaze of mornin’ glory.

When it rains, then it paws,
scratch and bite me with your teeth and claws.


©28.5.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

nine ways you can die!
I can’t change style or manner,
I’m just a rough ‘n’ ready man,
I’ll sit. I’ll fetch. I gotta bone, (testosterone/flesh and bone)
you gaze at Kings sitting on a throne.
A mismatched pair is doomed to fail, I ain’t doin’ time in no stinkin’ jail.

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