Love (After A Lifetime)

Ya do somethin’ for the moment,
ya do somethin’ for the age.
Tryin’ to please too many people like someone’s rattlin’ ya cage.
Daily nervous shakedowns,
you’re not even your own man!
Spent your life tryin’ to impress, watchin’ it all go down the pan.

Well I know that love is blind,
I’ve heard of love at first sight.
But I didn’t reckon on

love after a lifetime.

Vows ‘n’ promises you can’t keep,
left a trail of broken hearts.
You’re a long way from the top, but it’s too far to restart.
Think you’ve got a masterplan,
but fate plays a cold, mean hand.
Dealt you all the losin’ cards, inna game you don’t understand.



Out of the blue, when you’re down on ya luck.
You get an even break, lightnin’ thunderstruck.

I didn’t reckon on


©24.10.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

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