Love Bites

What does the old man know? What is he like?
You’ve got the world at your feet and youth on your side.
Wise beyond your years, you don’t need free/sage advice:
Ignorance is bliss in a fool’s paradise.

It’s all fun and games, till someone loses an eye.
You can tell she’s my girl ‘cos of her:

Love bites.

How quickly time passes, young love soon grows old.
Repenting at leisure chained to a ring of gold.
Years beyond your wisdom, an echo in your head:
Your father’s words now haunt you, ‘n’ here’s what he said:

It’s all fun and games, till it’s an eye for-an eye:
She may be your young girl but remember:


©8.5.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

Clever beyond your years, blind to truth and lies,
one can not fall in love and remain wise.
but you’ll be in the blink of an eye.
shudda listened to the old uns ‘cos they’re wise ‘n’ right.
Repenting at leisure nursing a ring of gold.

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