She may be a babe, maybe a beauty,
maybe a picture or a little cutie.
Maybe a doll, maybe juicy,
maybe a Goddess with a perfect booty.

Maybe she is all of those things,
but, deep down, just remember this:

She’s another man’s problem.
‘cos don’t forget:

take some sage from yours truly.
She prob’ly on, likely gloomy,
certainly loopy, loony an’ kooky.
Biological bomb clock-tickin’ broody.
“Give-you-none” once you’ve done your “duty”.
Gold digging psycho? Absolutely!

She really could be all those things,
and, deep down, just remember this:


Life’s too short to tie eternal knots.
The law is not on your side, prenup or not.
They’ll take you for all, and more than, you’ve got.
White hetero-male? Next up? Against the wall an’ shot.
an’ you can pay for your bullet, hearse an’ dig ya own grave plot!

©9.1.2020 Andrew Robert Chapman

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