Missing Out

I tell the truth to be called a liar.
I’d freeze to death by an open fire.
I’d die of thirst near a reservoir,
can’t turn off the constant missed desire. (Miss Desire)

I’ve had more than my share of Miss Takes,
Miss Directions and Miss Guided-Fakes.
Miss Fortune follows in my wake.
Miss Adventure and Miss Chance – I just can’t shake. / are here to stay / I’ve had all the way.

I’m always
missing out, missing out. Got a bad case of Miss Understood-Love.
Missing out, missing out. Always waiting for you to(o) Miss Judge.
Missing out, missing out. Feeling too much of that Miss Trust.
I’m missing out, missing out. My Miss Right must’ve, missed the bus.

I’d starve to death from a royal dish.
I’d suffocate from a lover’s kiss.
Return a smile and get syphilis.
What did I do to deserve this?



I’d end up paying in a free-for-all
And if I dated the Belle of the ball,
(I’d) end up banging my head against a wall.
Once again just sweet bugger all.



And it’s one for sorrow, two for woe.
Three for hard-luck, four a hard-blow.
Five for Miss Hap, six Miss Match.
Seven for a future with Miss Chance.

Suffering with Miss Directions! My carnal desire will always be Miss Read.

©12.10.2011 Andrew Robert Chapman

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