Monied Voices

Prayin’ daily for a six ball win, so you can roll in hay!
Millions are now chump-change, they’re printin’ billions a day!
The filthy-rich an’ wealthy may only have one vote,
but control the world we live in, pushin’ agendas down our throat.

Dictacting noisy our Hobson’s choices:

Monied voices.

They’re livin’ the American dream, ‘n’ you’ve no time to sleep,
holding down three part-time jobs, seven days a week.
No time to spit! Live-or stop an’ think. Why listen to what they say?
Inherited wealth from “daddy”, an’ never worked an honest day!



They’ve greased the pole of lickety-split,
we clamour ’round but lose our grip.
Those half-way up are doomed to slip.
Why do we put up with this shit?

Odds stacked high in their favour, with legal devilry.
Truth be told we’re hopeless and our own worst enemy.



©9.4.2020 Andrew Robert Chapman

never earned an honest buck
Odds stacked high in their favour, authentic devilry
No time to spit! Live! Stop an’ think: why listen to what they say?

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