Never A Good Time

(Slow – Country & Western style)

Nothin’s easier than fallin’ in love, but
we both know this is complicated.
I feel I know you from some life else,
a voice keeps telling me, “Don’t waste it.”
Mentally undressed you a thousand times,
stripped vulnerable and naked.
Can’t keep my roamin’ hands by my sides,
but I’d kick myself if I waited.

I’d given up on the feelings you gift me,
got me trapped between the Devil and the deep blue sea.

There’s never a good time to love me.

I’ve known you since before way back when,
it all started out platonically.
Funny how we both never planned this,
a kiss, we both claim, involuntary.
The nights, the parties, the celebrations,
our reputations, legendary.
Always nagging at the back of the mind,
how to reverse this ride harmlessly.



©27.9.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

a kiss we claim involuntarily.
till you’re vulnerable and naked.
Undressing you slowly with my eyes,
till you’re stripped and stark-naked.

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