Never Says No

Stereotype, that’s not her style,
she’s one of the boys, one of the lads.
Out for a good time, live a wild life,
playin’ the field, cheatin’ real bad.
Cuts you like ice, if you don’t catch her eye,
get ready to bleed, when she’s by your side.
Double-quick lips, cuts to the quick,
an’ if ya get thru that, better hold on tight.

She’s fun, fun, fun – doesn’t draw any red lines
suck it an’ see – she never says no.
Fun, fun, fun – havin’ a good time,
when she’s with me, she never says no.

Chartreuse eyes, never gets tired,
slippery when wet, she’s always wet, wet, wet!
Burnin’ desires, a little live wire,
she is fun in the sack, she is stunnin’ in bed.
Naughty ‘n’ bad, too much for one man:
Heaven on earth, all Hell’s misery.
Enjoy the ride, but get off in time,
don’t clip her wings, let her fly free.


©3.8.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

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