the government’s HOUNDS howl after their POUND(S) of FLESH
the deeper they BITE, the less you can FIGHT your DEBTS
so you SCRIMP, and you SAVE
for some SUN on a rainy DAY
and THEY watch you bleed and sweat.

so you drive to WORK
in a never-never CAR
to pay down your HOUSE
in which you hardly ever ARE


You don’t make WAVES, you’ve gone with the FLOW, since SCHOOL
where your EDUCATION, razed a NATION, to FOOLS
you BELIEVE, what you’re TOLD,
you’ve got it GOOD, but you’ve been SOLD
‘cos THEY change the RULES



You’re working 24/7, three sixty-five.
You’re slaving away. Never stop to think why.
A slave to the banks, a slave to your debt.
A slave to the State, haven’t figured it yet?

Your life flashed BY, in the blink of an EYE, you’ve AGED.
Their laws and LIES, kept you OTHERWISE , ENGAGED / you’re CAGED.
You REALISE, now you KNOW / you’ve been SOLD
but too LATE, you’re too OLD.
THEY are the MASTER, you the dying SLAVE.



©23.5.2014 Andrew Robert Chapman


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