Out On The Town

Well tonight’s the night, we’re burning high-octane,
so strap yourselves in tight, it’s one for memory lane.
An’ I bin coinin’ it in, to shell it out in one sesh.
Rock’n’roll, here we come, huntin’ for some fresh flesh.

Gonna dress to the nines, gonna put on the Ritz,
gonna paint the town red, gonna really get blitzed.

Out on the town
Out on the town – line ’em up, we’ll knock ’em down.
Out on the town
Out on the town – gotta shoot, we’ll see ya ’round.

I don’t know ’em from Adam, but the place knows my name.
Blonde Bombshell on my lap greys the rest to plain Jane.
Drinks are lined up and full, Alice-in-Wonderland
promise I’ll shake’n’bake her, give her the whole Shebang!

‘cos I’m dressed to the nines and I’m puttin’ on the Ritz,
half the town’s painted red, but it’s gonna get blitzed.


It must be half past late, the scenes just spinning around,
half the crew’s gone AWOL and the other half’s drowned.
I got no drinks lined up, got no coin and I fear
ma-shake’n’bake Cinderella has well-gone disappeared.

(Guess) I’m a nine hour wonder, ‘cos I’ve got no more glitz,
can’t see, speak or walk straight, I’ve got myself truly blitzed.


©27.12.2010 Andrew Robert Chapman

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