I’m gonna jump ship on the one hand,
‘cos I’m a nervous wreck.
Maybe a hangman’s noose in freefall
will break my worthless neck.
Gotta twelve bore in my right hand,
gotta magnum in my left.
I can feel I’m gettin’ closer,
but I’m not quite ready yet.

I got voices in my head, tellin’ me to end it all.
All I see’s a mighty storm, but there’s a lighthouse in the squall.


There’s no point, no rhyme, no reason,
but we all keep trudgin’ on.
Tho’ we’re laughin’ at our leaders,
they’re runnin’ the asylum.
The question’s how to end this madness,
‘cos we only have one try,
the odds stacked high against us,
our only course “Do or die!”



©4.8.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

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