I ain’t had good sex f’somethin’ like an ice-age.
Beginnin’ to think that I’m not all the rage.
I’m overloaded – seem to carry a ton,
so tell me quickly baby are you up for some fun?

Don’t need you for a long time,
twentyfive minutes would do,
and if you’re in a hurry
we can finish it in two.

I’m feelin’ randy (RANDY) – I’m horny as hell.
I’m feelin’ randy (RANDY) – I’m sure you can tell.
Gotta get my rocks off, with a bit of rough.
Wanna inject you babe with my 10ccs of love.
I’m feelin’ randy (RANDY).
So randy right now!

I ain’t flown solo now for nigh on a week.
Just a glimpse of a burqa I go weak at the knees.
Maybe I’m unattractive – hit the nail on the head?
Can’t stop me thinkin’ baby how we’d make out in bed!

Don’t need you for a long time,
I got nothin’ to prove,
I can even tie a blindfold
and wear a headsack for you.


Still ain’t got my rocks off and it drives me insane.
Animal, vegatable, for me now the same.
So I’m not fussy – but don’t tell ev’ryone,
Alone in my allotment with the stuff I’ve grown!

Don’t need you for a long time,
but an hour’d be nice,
and if you like it the first time,
then why don’t we do it twice?


©14.7.2011 Andrew Robert Chapman

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