Sad Songs

It’s the middle of the night, my heart’s heavier than lead.
I’m wide awake thinkin’ ’bout the bitter/cruel things I said,

I’m trapped between a rock and a hard place. (statement in the middle no rhyme)

Had to save you from the crush, I steamrollered everything in the rush.

Words echo in my head, my heart beats a heavy time.
Can’t take back what I said, I’m hurtin’, I should be cryin’

I don’t wanna hear anymore – sad songs.

I haven’t slept a wink, haven’t any appetite.
My thoughts are somewhere else, my mind’s spinnin’ wild,

You didn’t know you were tied to the railroad tracks.

Had to cut you free, had to save your neck
but I bull-horned everything caused another train wreck.




I don’t wanna write anymore – sad songs.

©10.1.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

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