Screamin’ Silence

(Metre similar to Linkin’ Park’s “Hands Held High”)

The truth is out there, right in your face!
get your head out of your ass, check out the place
where informed dark-net web-blog pages debate.
Hell, even RT’s more balanced than the West’s Fourth estate.

I shout out loud, but I’m ignored.
I shout out loud, no one hears me warnin’.

screamin’ silence.

The end is nigh, writ on my sandwich board,
for mankind. They’re gonna start a new world order.
Whatever that means; we’re promised peace, love, and more.
But to reach this Utopia, there’s gonna be a third World War.



(Female nurse: Time for your medicine!)

My voice hoarse from shoutin’, but nobody listens.
Family and friends have long since distanced
themselves, from me, the rich, mad, mad uncle.
Who himself prays his rants are just crazy bunkum.



©27.11.2015 Andrew Robert Chapman

The truth is out there, you just have to look.
Get your head out of your ass, and into a book,

It’s not the end of days, but the end is nigh
for the world as we know it, to start a new world order.

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