Painted emotion, poured out my heart.
We steal ourselves time as Weeks rush by
flirting, compliments, intimacy.
to see eachother regularily
we’ve done so many things,
and started to confide
Her light touch gives such a big thrill

but the plans in my head
are opposed to things said

What would have been lost? Not one thing more,
than everything already gone

The stakes all her love, to lose

Win her love; lose a drop in the ocean.

But perhaps with a chance
that she’d feel the same way too

no more shall i say good night til tomorrow
her void is a razor to my heart

and as she laughs she touches my arm
my heart has frozen

And just when I think my heart is mended
I see you again and my pain is ended

I sit alone again and think
about what i did wrong this time
I thought I had it right
but with the benefit of hindsight
I seem to have messed up even more
and now I’ve lost a friend, not lover

My plan was to enjoy the time we had
and I did, and things were looking good,
then, one night, I must’ve said something
and since then, I haven’t heard a thing

Although it started out slow

This time I thought I was doing it all right
just goes to show, you’re never too old to learn
The time that we spent together,
was never going to last forever

I just wanted the days to last, but they passed me by all too fast
I knew that it wouldn’t last, but the days still passed too fast

and now, all alone

we’re all getting old, and none of us know
which road life is going to take us

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