She’s Worth A Jack

I gave her a smile, she gave one back.
I was floatin’ on cloud nine, we were on the right track.
She was just an au pair, plain for all but me.
Gotta do my best, gotta make her see.

But the cards were stacked against me, oh I’ve been here before!
Hey mister! I don’t cost all that much! Yeah, me neither, you little whore.
And all that’s fair in love and war, ain’t all that fair on me.
But don’t make much diffence, won’t make no history.

She’s worth a jack.
She’s worth a jack.

I asked for her name, she asked for mine back!
I thought she was so tame, she was on the attack!
She was just a cute kitty-cat, plain for all to see.
Gone in with open arms, how she’ll make my heart bleed!



©8.7.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

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