Motivated by the many sea-related English epressions.

Non-Native English Speakers
The song is a sea-shanty which makes liberal use of many double-entendres.

Stuck steadfast in the Doldrums,
[OL: Well and truly becalmed (Doldrums: Area around equator generally void of wind)]
[UL: In a major depression]
drifted into a shambles.
[OL: the sea moved the ship into a bloody battle]
[UL: we were falling apart]
Dead calm yet in dire straits,
[OL: Still becalmed but in a very dangerous situation]
[UL: Self-composed despite difficulties]
then I cauterise me mates.
[OL: I have to operate on members of the crew]
[UL: then I caught her eyes – a new love walks into my life]
She’s a broad-beamed Jolly Roger her stern, watertight to peck.
[OL: A pirate ship which is wide in proportion to its length and good for transporting grain]
[UL: She’s wide-arsed and playful, (like to) fuck her tight ass]
Wanna be her powder monkey (boys), a loose cannon on her deck.
[OL: Would like to be the boy who carries the gun-powder to the gunners on warships, or a unrestrained cannon]
[UL: Want to service her and be wild and unrestrained]
So I’ll hold my course, mates, hard and fast.
[OL: So we’ll determindly sail in the same direction]
[UL: So I’ll carry on (fucking her), hard and fast ]
Now she’s nailed her colours to the mast.
[OL: The other ship will also literally fight to the death]
[UL: Now she’s openly showing her feelings]
Get a last shot off,
[OL: Fire a final shot]
[UL: Cum]
across her prow.
[OL: the projecting front part of a ship]
[UL: over her front projections (breasts)]
Slid on her beam ends.
[OL: The ship starts to sink]
[UL: She moved position and is sitting]
She’s going down.
[OL: The ship is sinking]
[UL: She’s giving head (fellatio)]
Any harbour in a storm.
[OL: No ship is choosy which port to head to when faced with a storm on high seas]
[UL: Any girl will do]
And with a girl in every port.
[OL: Lit. ]
[UL: Have lots of girlfriends in different places]
The cut o’er jib’s so graceful.
[OL: High opinion of the ship]
[UL: She’s got a good appearance]
Ship-shape and very Bristol.
[OL: is in first class order]
[UL: nice shape and large breasts]
Ev’ry man jack off we go.
[OL: The crew’s ready to sail]
[UL: All (you) men masturbate]
Lick o’ the cat and a hard heave-ho.
[OL: Maybe a whipping and a sailors’ call to exertion, to weigh anchor]
[UL: Lick her pussy and a hard fucking]
All y’ seamen everywhere:
[OL: Lit. ]
[UL: All your semen everywhere]
Y’maiden passage fine and fare.
[OL: Your first trip will be good]
[UL: Your woman’s arse is really good]

—————– NOTES ————

peck1 verb (pecked, pecking) 1 (also peck at something) said of a bird: to strike, nip or pick at it with the beak • pecked his finger • pecked at the bark of the tree. 2 to poke (a hole) with the beak. 3 to kiss someone or something in a quick or perfunctory way • pecked her on the cheek. noun 1 a tap or nip with the beak. 2 a perfunctory kiss.
ETYMOLOGY: 14c: probably related to pick1.

peck at something 1 to eat (food) in a cursory, inattentive or dainty way, without enjoyment or application. 2 to nit-pick or quibble at it.

peck2 noun 1 in the imperial system: a measure of capacity of dry goods, especially grain, equal to two gallons (9.1 litres) or a quarter of a bushel. 2 a measuring container holding this quantity. 3 old use a large amount • a peck of troubles.
ETYMOLOGY: 13c: from French pek.

—————– DISCARDS —————

The cut of her jib’s Bristol
Raised Jack so think of England.

Raise the jack, we’re hard as nails
Fine weather or rough gales.
Will it e’er end, this affair?

Let no man jack off half-cocked go
Lick o’ the cat, get off
Roger the stern

All y’ seamen everywhere:
Think of England’s maiden fare.
The maiden passage fine or fare.
A maiden passage warm and fare.
A maiden passage fare and square.

Shanty: 7,7,4,4,7

I Cauterise (caught her eyes) some more

She’s a broad-beamed, Jolly Roger, that ain’t bin boarded yet.
She’s a broad-beamed Jolly Roger her stern, so tight and wet.

Hard and fast at close quarters
With my shot across her bows

Seven sheets to the wind, in the offing,
my heart is stung as she goes down fighting

Surprised into a shambles

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