Some Sin To Remember

Coiled round my mind, she’s chokin’ my cortex,
payin’ me in kind, suckin’ like a vortex.
Hourly hire ‘n’ fire, it ain’t over till it’s over,
gonna rob me blind, spittin’ like a cObra!

Life is all – fun ‘n’ games,
I gotta personal – plaything.
Can’t quite remember – her first name,
Quick ‘n’ dirty it was

some sin to remember.

I need time to unwind, onna slow boat to China,
down to my last dime, eatin’ out (her vagina/in Carolina).
Accident (or) design? Juliet ‘n’ Casanova,
dangerously divine this love affair ain’t over.



She got Cleopatra’s asp!



©20.11.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

She got an axe to grind, ‘n’ my heads on the block.
Claspin’ Cleopatra’s asp, she’s spittin’ like a cObra!
a little choke ‘n’ gasp, a lotta tears ‘n’ sweat.
but I ain’t blind, at least not yet!
Arse from his elbow

, explodin’ super nova,

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