The song lyrics can be superficially interpreted as applying to the Elite Fighting Units of the Armed Forces – be it SAS, SEALS, GSG9 or whatever.
The underlying storyline is, of course, one of sexual intercourse.
Special Forces in this context being construed to mean the “magical sensations” and “magnetism” between sexual partners.
Knowing this most of the double entendres are clear cut – lots of military sayings commonly being used for sexual euphemisms, but a few, perhaps not so obvious ones, are highlighted below.

We’re gonna flash bang the site. (site==sight)
(I’ll be) comin’ hard on you any time. (comin’ == cummin’)
Face shot! Covering fire! (covering (as in spray) upon – ejaculate over the face)
Withdraw, let ‘e’ mop up the mess (‘e’ can be construed as ‘her’ and, due to the ‘m’ of the word ‘mop’, as ‘them’).

————— DISCARDS ——————

Cover me! (And) watch my ass
running wild and out of control.

Man down! But not out.
Remindin’ you that I am the best.

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