Strip-Search Shower

Just another long, late night, lookin’ for a rockin’ time.
the perfect body snatch.
She’s got hunger in her eyes, pent up lust she can’t disguise.
Seems like the perfect catch.

Ev’ry girl gets her man, ev’ry man has his hour,
you know she means business when she says:

Strip-search shower.

Now I don’t mean to brag or gloat, I poured honey down her throat,
winked an eye ‘n’ begged me for more.
I wouldn’t harm a blue-arsed fly, but I’d whip her ass, make her cry,
as she crawled along the floor.

Ev’ry dog has his day, ev’ry woman gets her way,
you know she means business when she says:


©21.5.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

Threat’nin’ me with a perfect body snatch.
Seems like I fin’lly met my match.

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