Swing Fling

Like to meet up – for a secret liaison?
A girl like you won’t just expand my horizons.
No double-date, no friendly appointment,
but I gotta confess there’s a fly in the ointment,

It doesn’t change a thing,
if I take off my ring,
but baby,

how about a fling?
(A little fling)
A little fling?
(it’s no big thing)
I’d like a fling!
A swing fling.

A quick cinq à sept, amorous rendezvous,
we got the whole of the night before our sad adieu.
Soft affection, craving lust and passion,
if you can read my mind I gotta map to some action.



Life’s too short to sit on the fence,
we both know none of it makes any sense.
Please release me from my suspense.
Stop playing the innocent, drop the pretence.


©14.9.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

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