We haven’t spoken for a week or two,
and not before time.
You’re there in ev’rythin’ I see an’ do,
can’t getcha out of my mind.
Consuming me like a teenage crush,
I can’t get no sleep.
I wanna scream but it’s all hush-hush,
I fell in way too deep.

You’re forbidden fruit,/deadly voodoo
the lewd tattoo.
The lethal brew,


I wanna call ya but I bite my tongue,
and break my heart.
Don’t know if I can ever right the wrong,
it’s tears me apart.
Since you bin gone I’m lonely at a loose end,
my life is humdrum.
But in my head our break-up a Godsend,
‘cos you are poison.



©12.9.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

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