Set free – foot loose – broken her chains.
Infatuated – you’re fallin’ again.

Cooler – than ice, hotter than hell.
No time to defuse – a blonde bombshell.
Darin’ to defuse – a blonde bombshell.

steal into your head,
X into her bed.

high-heels and mink.
High-class – her skin smooth as silk.

nudge nudge wink wink
Built like Kylie, slight and tiny.

A breath of fresh air, a real-life sylph.

Hold on, hold fast, but try as you might,
your life’s not your own, by day or night.

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth,

Can’t eat – can’t sleep –
a wreckin’ ball, ain’t that the truth.

There’s a reason for everythin’ – a time anna place.
Plottin’ the original sin – feel your heart race.

TaBu. (comin’ for you)
TaBu. (she knows what to do)
TaBu. (outta the blue)
TaBu. (TaBu) TaBu.

There’s a time – to take control – a time for fate.
Plottin’ the original sin – canya feel your heart race?




©15.11.2017 Andrew Robert Chapman

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