The Beast

The time for words is over, this insanity must end.
“Philanthropic” madmen, abuse us with whip-hands.
A price have all and sundry, our elected thirty coins/change/groat.
They sold us out for pennies/fiat, appease us with our “vote”.
We’re treated worse than cattle: poison/mislead, suppress and divide,
While we tear eachother’s throats out, they smother us with lies.
But the times they are a-changin’, from our slumber we awake,
pent-up pressure is a-risin’: insurrection! Make or break.

The truth will set you free, and freedom is a jungle.
Liberty and anarchy! Powerful our primal muscle!

Kill/Smite/Starve/Slay the Beast!

No irons, fettles, bars or locks cage us in this human zoo.
So difficult to break free, if blind to life’s chains bindin’ you.
Don’t bite the hand that provides, squeaky wheels get the grease.
Taxin’ debt, faith, sloth or morals, don’t feed the voracious beast.



©26.9.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

Welcome to anarchy! Flex and ply our primal muscles!
Like a pent-up animal,
none can see your scars, when the flesh is dead and rotten.
We’re treated worse than cattle, poison, conquer and divide,
But the times they are a-changin’, one by one we stir and wake,

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