Classified – plannin’ a heart attack.
Clandestine – we gotta watch our backs.
Underhand – inna hole-and-corner, ‘tween
you ‘n’ me – she could be my daughter!

It’s nothin’ serious we’re just playin’,
I’m not so sure ‘cos she’s not sayin’:

It’s our secret but she’s: Tight-lipped.
Good enough to eat yeah she’s: Tight-lipped.
Between the sheets she is: Tight-lipped.
Dirty trick ‘n’ treat hey! I’m: Tight-lipped.

Suspicious – don’t ask I won’t tell.
Misgivings – gonna drop a bombshell.
Doubts ‘n’ hunches – send out the scouts and spies
gotta funny feelin’ but no compromise.



You got the looks, figure and time.
I got the bucks, your place or mine?


©3.9.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

Deeply discreet she’s still: Tight-lipped.

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