Too Late

You pinch yourself, an’ pinch again, to check if you’re awake.
Liars and looters/bandits get ahead, you can’t get an even break.
Broke bank ‘n’ back believin’ that “Everyone’s the same!”
Nobody is equal, sucker, playin’ their rigged/crooked game!
Contradictory endless laws, have stolen your young life.
Now Demons come to steal your voice, to keep dissent inline.

Pointin’ hands tick away the hours,
everywhere you look’s a clock.
Voices in your head shout louder,
but the sands of time won’t stop.

It’s too late.



Your body like a Roman God wasn’t built in a day,
but the grains of time relentlessly sandblast the flesh away.

War torn from life an’ all its shit, tomorrow’s a new day.
Tho’ many roads may lead to Rome, just as many lead away.



©5.7.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

Broke bank ‘n’ back believin’ ‘n’ playin’ their rigged game.
Ev’ryone is equal, sucker, everyone the same.
has pulled you down
The sundial
march on

Every watch ticks away the hours
Obey endless unwritten laws, ours not to ask or say.
Now Demons come to steal your voice, incase you commit crime.

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