Conceived, written and polished within an hour.

Non-Native English Speakers
The song is a superficial hunting song but cloaks, with various double-entendres, the genetical desire (force of habit) to search for a partner (rabbit) and having sex (shoot both barrels).
The grammatical level of English (double negatives, colloquialisms (N. American “gonna”)) are purposely used to reinforce the stereotype of a redneck hunter.

Political Correctness
I’m no friend of PC. White is white and black is black – those are the words the English language has had for the properties for hundreds of years. To cow-tow (be beaten into submission) to the pressures of political correctness and alter the phrase
Gonna hunt a white rabbit
to (for example)
Gonna hunt me a rabbit
would destroy an integral part of the lyrics.
The expression “white rabbit” is purposely used to imply something special, as wild rabbits are rarely white. In effect the phrase is the key to unlocking the fact that the song hides a hidden message. As a reference to the “white rabbit” in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” it implicates the double-entendre nature of the song (although sex is the underlying theme of the song, not drugs, as is the case of the novel).


[OL: Literal]
[UL: Euphemism for double penetration sex.]
It’s a force of habit.
[OL: Idiom: Driven by an action that has become automatic]
[UL: Driven by an instinctive power]
Gonna hunt a white rabbit.
[OL: Literal]
[UL: Hunt in this sense=search. White rabbit (in the sense of “Alice” {see above}). Rabbit also means a timid person (implying the fairer {female} sex) and “to rabbit” is to chatter inconsequentially – a frequent quality of the female sex.]
Haven’t seen a bear,
[OL: Literal]
[UL: Sounds like “Haven’t seen ‘er bare” (I haven’t seen her naked)]
I don’t want no hare.
[OL: Literal]
[UL: Construed as “I don’t want no hair” (she must be shaven)]
Gonna give her both barrels.
[OL: Literal. Both barrels of a double-barrelled shotgun. Frequently used for shooting rabbits]
[UL: Euphemism for ejaculation. Both barrels=both testicles.]

On her fluffy tail
[OL: Literal. “fluffy tails” are what rabbits are perceived to possess. Tail=trail (as in police {the cops are tailing her})]
[UL: “On her” sounds like “‘onour” {Honour}. To fluff=to stimulate a penis. tail=tale=lie {tell a tall tale}.
“Honour, fluffy tale” Honour=woman’s virginity (a) penis stimulating story/lie.]
so that I can’t fail
[OL: Literal. In the sense “to miss the shot”]
[UL: Literal. In the sense “can’t fail to be aroused / have sex”]

White teeth and bright eyes,
[OL: Literal. “bright eyes” {Art Garfunkel song} and theme tune to “Watership Down” {an English novel about a group of rabbits.]
[UL: Literal. Good looking / in good health.]
gonna roast those thighs,
[OL: Literal. roast=to cook (via dry heat)]
[UL: roast=put someone under extreme duress (harsh treatment). Here implying harsh sexual treatment (between her legs (thighs))]

I’ll ferret her out,
[OL: Literal. A ferret (polecat) is often used to drive rabbits from their warrens.]
[UL: Literal. ferret=persistent searching]
and there ain’t no doubt,
[OL/UL: Literal. Colloquial double negative used exclusively instead of “there ain’t (isn’t) any doubt”]
I’ll be shooting both barrels.
[OL: shoot=literal (fire the shotgun).]
[UL: shoot=English colloquialism for ejaculate “shoot my load”.]

Got her in my sight,
[OL: Literal. Sights of the gun.]
[UL: Literal. In my line of vision / in view.]
she won’t kick and fight,
[OL: Literal. When dead there won’t be any movement.]
[UL: Literal. After sex there won’t be any resistance.]
When she’s tasted both barrels.
[OL: taste=felt the shot (from the shotgun). Americanism “Give ’em a taste of lead”)]
[UL: taste=literal. Tasted (the sperm from) the penis.]

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