Country and Western/DTs

I’m a man of deed and action, I’m a man of little words,
but I’m babblin’ like a brook ‘n’ I am singing like a bird.
Opened up my heart like spring flowers in the warming rays of sun,
there’s no question you’re the answer, who you are and what you’ve done.

I thought my heart was chiselled stone,
thought I was doomed to be alone.

Until. Until I met you.

Some claim I’m proud and pompous, some-say I’m a fat jackass,
behind my back I’m sure I’ve been called worser things than that.
I never guessed, till you arrived, my life would turn around,
like beauty and the beast, a fairy tale with happy end.



Like many more before me, I trapped and caged my love,
watched it slowly die and wither, waited till push came to shove.

My heart of stone bleeds every day,
since you took your love away.

After/I rue I met you.

©22.10.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

I thought I’d always be alone.
but I’m talkin’ like a trooper, I am singing like a bird.
there’s no question to the answer, who you are and what you’ve done.

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