Nights of lace and satin – fade away too fast.
No more garters, lace ‘n’ stockin’s, those heady days have passed.
Less is only ever more – till everything’s laid bare.
A sparkling decoration is the perfect pubic hair/gift to share.

She’s lively like a blazin’ razzle,
blinded, by God, I am bedazzled.

(By her) Vagazzle.

Body epilation, skin as sm-o-o-th as glass.
From painted toes, to pierced nose, perfection’s a bleached ass.
Glorious her mons pubis, flawless to a tee.
A jewel in the Nile, Nefertiti waits for me.



A long wait to ride the camel toe:
I’ve struck lucky but there is no hope.
I’m sliding down a slippery slope,
holdin’ on tight to the hangman’s rope.



©8.5.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

Aesthetic modification of the mons pubis include hanabira and genital piercings
such as the Christina (Venus) and Nefertiti piercing

A perfect wax brazilian
till you’ve pared the bone.

There’s only one thing to top A Brazil,
The next best thing to A Brazil?
Only one thing can follow A Brazil

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