Vinegar Stroke

She’s insatiable, young ‘n’ carefree.
I’m losin’ sleep ‘n’ my grip on reality,
Walk around punch-drunk, she’s a fly-weight spinner.
I gotta ride-or-die chick, yeah, I’m onna winner.
Alpha stallion, how long can I keep it up?
I’ve lost my mind, she’s always in my thoughts.

It ain’t no lie, it ain’t no joke,
I think about you on the

vinegar stroke.

See her ev’ry day, but it’s not enough!
If I didn’t know better I’d say I’m fallin’ in love.
Gotta get a grip, take back my life ‘n’ control,
‘cos I’m fallin’ apart, her sex is takin’ its toll.

Try as I might, your spell ain’t broke.
I think about you on the


I never thought it could happen to me,
Spellbound with your wicked beauty.
Tied and bound to my Holy Grail,
Devil in the detail of this fairytale.

Swallow your pride, I’m goin’ for broke,
Open wide on the


©31.5.2019 Andrew Robert Chapman

I could shout out loud, ‘cos I am on a winner,
Watch me ride, ‘cos I am on a winner.
Spellbound with your teasin’ beauty.
who said the Devil’s in the detail?
the earth movin’ off the Richter scale.
Devil’s in the details but I’ve the Holy grail.
Tied and bound in my own fairytale,
Devil in the detail of my Holy grail.
Open wide, I’m goin’ for broke,
swallow your pride

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