The song was based on the lines

Come on!
Bring it on!
Do your best!
We are Eng-er-land.

which became the song’s chorus. The chorus itself was modified to use “Do your worst”, the “worst” contrasting with the song’s final use of the word “best” in the line “We are the best”

A note about “Do your worst”.
Do your worst: It’s essentially meaning do your best worst on me which obviously makes no sense in English so it’s just ‘do your worst’ which means show me the best you have in terms of how much you can hurt/punish/destroy someone/something.

The song has been written as a chant (similar to Tubthumping’s “I get knocked down”).
Whilst searching for typically English traits I came across two sites (links below). But whilst noting some of them I became aware that using them in the song would reduce the status and make the song demeaning – also a typically English trait.
In line with my idea for keeping the lyrics akin to a National Anthem I opted to use phrases which don’t demean.

The last phrase of the last chorus
Smite our foes.
can be sung
S’down she goes (in relation to an English Rose (pretty English girl))
emphasising my trademark use of sexual innuendo (another English trait).

“Hard and fast” refers both to the characteristics implied by the singular words as well as the expression meaning;
hard and fast: binding, fixed, definite, immutable, incontrovertible, inflexible, invariable, rigid, set, strict, stringent, unalterable, unchangeable, unchanging, uncompromising

——— DISCARDS —————————–
Ev’ry port of-call.
Stand our ground. / No quarter. / Land, sea ‘n’air. / Win the fight.
Make us proud
Warlike blood. / Fighting blood / warfare blood.
Celtic roots.
Hard as oak.
Hard as rock, / Kiss me Hardy. / Fire your cannon / Fire broadside / Cannons loaded
/ Empire grows / The World knows / slows / goes / foes / Colours shows / Pure she glows / Down they go

Mighty oak.
English rose.
Hard as rock.

George cross flag.
Hear our noble cry. / Hear our war cry / Hear our Nation cry. / Hear our Nation sing.

Blood and toil,
tears and sweat. (based on wartime Churchill)
To “The Few”
still respect. (still as in quiet and also continuing)

our respect.
To/Praise “The Few”
from the rest. / with respect

—— LINKS ———————–

Laugh at Death.

Nice cuppa char
Stiff upper lip
Wit and satire

Make us proud.
Hard cold steel

Can’t complain
Breakfast fry

P’s and Q’s

Down to earth.
Scrumpy binge
Conker fights
gurny face
Empire sun (never sets)
Bobby’s beat
Drink to death
Ferret pants

/ dead wood
proud / loud

Eddie the Eagle
Penny arcade
Stick of rock
Ascot hats
and Harrod’s
Chip buttie

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