We Came; We Saw; He Died

Like a rabid dog, like a wounded snake,
they can turn in a second, from give to take.
Yesterday shaking hands, now they’re bombing that land.
The “Land of the Free” spreading democracy.

And the folks back home, full of national pride.
While their boys and girls are losing their lives.

We came; we saw; he died. Mwwaaahhhh!!

When they speak they lie, a thousand alibis,
when they come into power, as to why they changed their mind.
They give you the vote, and promissary notes.
The “Land of the Free” here in the name of peace.



It’s an age-old problem, when an Empire falls,
there’s no graceful exit, just chaos and wars.

Worse than animals, they’re no human beings,
they plan their evil acts, celebrate their evil deeds.
Their illusions and lies will not end well!
They and their complicit actors will burn in Hell!



Did he say “Hope and change?” or “Rope and chains?”
Clinton?! You will reap what you’ve sown.

©9.9.2015 Andrew Robert Chapman

The illusion will falter, the magic shall fail!
Their illusion and lies, their magic shall fail!
They and their complicit actors will rot in jail!

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