When Worlds Collide

Today’s nothin’ special, it’s just another grind.
Takin’ out the rubbish, kiss your kids goodbye.
Change ‘n’ trouble’s brewin’, comin’ out of the blue.
Sweep you off your feet, there’s nothin’ you can do.
No one’s gonna come to your rescue.

Prepare for chaos,
brace for woe.
Get ready for the hurtin’;
the quid pro quo, when

worlds collide.

A beguiling charm, you can’t duck or evade,
spellbound, bewitched, mighty magic invades:
Takes over your heart, controls your mind.
Dominates your life, consumes all of your time.
Infatuation! Love is blind.



When you mean the world to a soul,
if you depart, you leave behind a black hole.

This is the chaos,
this is the woe.
This is the hurtin’,
when you jilt and go. When


©28.9.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

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