White Helmets

Here they come! Here they come! Sound, camera, action!
A third-rate movie team, recordin’ heroic deeds.
Blood-an’-gore, playin’ war, cryin’ child-crisis actors.
Fake horror and crocodile tears.

Well-financed heels, oil dirty deals:
Oh won’t somebody think of the children?

Send in (send in) the white helmets!

Financed by the grey elite, God’s impartial task force.
Salute those friendly NGOs, your psyche’s trojan horse.

The next false flag, it’s a wrap. Broadcast (it) as the truth!
Well-styled media mouths, cock-suckin’ kowtowers,
espouse peace, but never cease, to turn/twist your mind’s thumbscrews.
Pushin’ for war, their holiest sacred cow.



©4.5.2018 Andrew Robert Chapman

It’s a wrap, perfect trap.
It’s a wrap, fine false flag. Presented as the truth,
We’re you’re friendly NGOs, politically neutral.
Salute those friendly NGOs, the perfect trojan horse.
A Hollywood movie team, record heroic deeds.

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