Wild Nights

Out for a wild time
with old mates of mine.
Like to flirt with the skirt,
gonna laugh til it hurts.
Drown our sorrows with drink,
we don’t care what ya think!
If you’re no-one we know,
then you’d better stay home.

Wild nights on the town..
Wild drinking, binge rounds
Wild nights on the town.
Wild fights and showdowns/knock downs.
Wild nights on the town.
Wild love, girl/babe go down.
Wild nights, wild nights,
wild times, wild sights

Yeah we’re well underway,
all a stagger and sway.
Got a slur in our speech,
beer and chasers let leash.
Burning up hard-earned cash.
Flash, brash lads out for gash.
Maybe seen better days,
but still eager to play.


Really shake up the place,
we’ll be right in your face.
Set the ladies alight,
won’t backdown from a fight!
Bring it on, give us more,
but we all know the score.
Yeah we’re out for a blast,
‘cos it may be our last. / But it won’t be our last.


©19.11.2010 Andrew Robert Chapman

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