Can’t see the wood for the trees
and you’ve looked high and low,
one-hundred eighty degrees
that’s just the way the wind blows
with the flame’s spreading right your way – WILDFIRE!

Vicious rumours are rife,
long knives stab at your back.
Better run for you life,
but you’ve froze in your tracks
and the heats comin’ right your way – WILDFIRE!

There’s no smoke without fire
you watch your effigy burn.
Tell the truth, shame a liar.
Every way which you turn,
everything’s been razed to the ground – WILDFIRE!

Hungry, firey flames steal and rob your breath.
Burnin ground and air, there’ll be nothin’ left.
In a firestorm rage, no one can hear you shout.
So fight fire with fire, burn your own way out.


The greater the truth, the greater the libel,
swear like a trooper, swear on the bible.
Caught in the act. Caught unawares.
Caught down and out, and nobody cares.

©3.9.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

Courted and lost, laughed out of court.

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