Wild’s Crew

You want somethin’ for nothin’? Y’gonna reap what you sow.
We don’t pull any punches, rock ‘n’ rollin’ with the blows.
We’re playin’ all out to win, we got nothin’ to lose,
We’re due the wages of sin, payin’ for (a) Wild’s crew.

Raise the Devil, raise all Hell.
Let ’em know we’ve got some souls to sell.
Raise your voices, raise your fists.

‘cos we know what to do. / yeah you know what to do
Chase away your blues / Let you pick and choose.

Wild’s crew!

Yeah we liquor up good (heh heh), every night of the week.
Hold on tight to your – lo-o-se women,
when we’re out on the streets.
Chasin’ away the blues, lookin’ for (a) Wild’s crew.



A little word in your ear, I wanna lead you astray.
You’ve got nothin’ to fear, if you do things My Way.
So don’t waste my time, I’m gonna railroad through,
jump on for a wi-ld ri-de – Wild’s crew.

©8.7.2013 Andrew Robert Chapman

You want somethin’ for nothin’? Gonna give y’ power play.
We’ve bin a long time comin’, but I/we like it that way.
Pandora’s box is wide open, we got nothin’ to lose / make way we’re comin’ through.
We’re not gonna tell you twice, make way for (a) Wild’s crew.
It’s too late to repent, but not for (a) Wild’s crew.
So just listen to me/us, y’gonna do things My Way.
Gonna set your agenda, I wanna lead you astray.

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