Working Hard

Another back-breaking day, another back-breaking week.
I seem to be working so hard, I just work, eat and sleep.
Sunrise and sunset, moon wax and wane,
year in and year out, it’s all just the same. (And)

I haven’t got time to spit.
I’ve hardly the time to piss and shit.
I haven’t the time to contemplate,
why I haven’t the time before it’s all too late.

Working so hard – to pay the taxman.
Working so hard – to pay the bank man.
Working so hard – I’m up to my neck
Working so hard – to pay back my debt

Another double-shift, getting paid double time.
But the taxes mean I hardly see a dime.
If I work any more, I won’t need to pay rent,
‘cos I’m working all the time that the Devil sent.(yeah)



And lying in bed I know I’ll dream about work,
but if I think about life, then I’ll just go berserk.
My wife left me for a multi-millionaire,
but I still pay her half my wage – how can that be fair?

The work never seems to end, always something else to fix and mend.
And I’m thinking as I slave away, all that’s missing is my ball and chain.
Things could be worse, is what my boss man says,
As he clocks off from work early once again. (And)



©14.8.2012 Andrew Robert Chapman

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